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Fine Arrangement of the Decors Now for You

In this knowledge file there are tips that an event manager, agency or any other client can give you, to get the greatest possible added value from collaboration with a qualitative event decorator. It is ideal for perfect event styling. With these 9 tips you not only work effectively together, but the design of your event is also of the greatest impact and therefore the most successful when you have to organize an event.

Together with one of the most high-quality decorators from the event industry, plush event decor, went to the table. A discussion about the added value and the optimal use of an event decorator for your event was the reason for this knowledge file. Because how do you, as a client, agency or location, make the most of a collaboration with a decorator? What can you do and cannot do with decoration? What are the tips and tricks for an optimal result? Beautiful Projects Decor & Eventstyling shared her knowledge and expertise in order to answer the most pressing questions. With the answers, bundled in this article, you as client or organizer of events have an ideal document as a guideline for the optimal result within collaboration with a decorator. morans restaurant

Tip 1: At the table on time

It sounds oh so logical, but in practice this is exactly the point where the shoe pinches. Many suppliers are involved too late in the concept development, implementation and organization of an event. As a result, expertise, experience and knowledge are lost, so you cannot get the best out of an event. In the case of a decorator, it is perhaps the biggest missed opportunity.

Do not underestimate the influence of the styling and decoration for a live moment. Good styling and decoration create a world of experience in which the message, the networking, the surprise element can be expressed to perfection. Absolute condition to ensure that the ‘experience context’ fits in seamlessly with your objective: put the decorator at the moment with your organization team. An event is co-creation and the decorator / stylist plays a major role in this. So in time at the table!

Tip 2: the 80/20 rule

There is a danger in decoration and event styling, which we see a lot again: as soon as the over-zealous creative takes over, the necessary and practical problems are compromised.

That is why it is good to use the 80/20 rule in design concepts and styling: 80% of the decoration and styling must consist of necessary components. Think of good, comfortable and adequate seating, tables, variety, etc.
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