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Right Opportunities for the best Corporate Catering Now

The restaurant is a public catering establishment with a high level of service, a wide range of dishes and comfortable conditions for recreation and leisure.Restaurants range from simple eateries offering food and service in a low price category, to expensive places with a large selection of food and alcoholic beverages.

Restaurants can specialize in specific types of food, a specific topic or present a unified menu with a vegetarian, ethnic theme, etc.

Here are some types of restaurants:                       

Beer restaurants

As the name implies, the difference between a beer restaurant and an ordinary restaurant is an expanded assortment of beer. This is not a standard set of several varieties of light, dark and nonalcoholic beer, and 15-30 positions and more. In the beer restaurant there is a full kitchen, while the dishes should be combined with beer and stimulate its consumption. With the good corporate catering services you will be having the best options now.


Buffets provide self-service for guests. The serving staff completes the assortment of dishes and snacks, brings additional portions, gives advice to the guests when choosing a meal, prepares tea or coffee, removes used dishes and appliances. The assortment of pantry products depends on the conditions of its preparation and leaves and can be the most diverse: soft and hot drinks, bakery and confectionery products, lactic products, fruits, all kinds of sandwiches and snacks.

A cafe

Coffee houses

Cafe is a small, informal restaurant that offers a small selection of hot dishes and custom-made sandwiches. And this is the main difference of the cafe from the coffee house, in the menu of which the focus is on selling coffee. In addition, the cafe may be allowed to sell alcohol. Nevertheless, in some countries the cafe is synonymous with a coffee house.

Casual Dining

A casual restaurant that features moderate prices in a relaxed atmosphere is called a casual dining restaurant. Casual Dining is a compromise between a fast food restaurant and an exquisite evening restaurant. It does not offer a full service, but promises a slightly higher quality of food and a cozier atmosphere than Fast-Food.

Ethnic Cuisine Restaurants

It’s always interesting to go to a restaurant that offers the cuisine of another country. Thus, you have the opportunity to visit Italy, Mexico, India, without leaving your own. Restaurants of ethnic cuisine make it possible to understand the culture of food, especially cooking and serving dishes, to feel the color of these countries.

Sushi Restaurants

Restaurants specializing in sushi vary in style from cheaper establishments, where a conveyor is used to feed land, to expensive restaurants, where every product, from fish to ginger, has absolute freshness and the highest quality.

Fast Food Restaurants Or another name Fast-Food

The main task of the fast food restaurant is to quickly and inexpensively feed the visitors. Hence the peculiarity of the organization of such enterprises is almost complete self-service, minimalism and free forms in interior design.